Welcome to a Doctor Who Tumblr. Here i post a lot of doctor's stuff. His enemies, things, companions.

Doctor who is an acclaimed British series of science fiction. That completes 50 years in broadcast TV soon. His view is the channel BBC One This site (tumblr) has content of total and single view on the BBC. (bbc.co.uk)Here content with phrases, jokes, and remarkable things in the series.

The site contains SPOILERS (which has happened and you may have missed, or something that is coming.) I hope you all enjoy the pictures and games in this tumblr. Images will be posted daily (3 per day.)

Tumblr inspired in Space and time Confessions.

Talking about me, i'm Brazilian, i'm a teenager and talk english very well, but i make some mistakes sometimes. I think doctor who is awesome and this tumblr could be a good idea. Let's go have some fun Fellows!

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